Anthem Equity Group



AnthemPicAnthem, a long-time client of Crawford Computer Consulting, manages properties in Tucson and around the country.

Stephen, here is with Jenny Watkins of Anthem Equity Group, discussing features of their new Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Anthem Equity Group Inc. is a real estate investment and asset management company dedicated to maximizing investor returns in a world of change, confusion and opportunity.

Anthem embodies the histories and accomplishments of Rodger Ford and David Mackstaller.

Anthem was formed in 1991 by Rodger Ford, founder and driving force behind the worldwide network of AlphaGraphics quick print communication centers. Anthem was designed to achieve a breakthrough in real estate investment and management by employing the same systematic and disciplined approach Ford used to build AlphaGraphics into a company with 385 stores in 90 cities in 16 countries.

Roger Ford and David Mackstaller, Anthem’s two entrepreneurs, are professionals who require professional and timely computer support.

Anthem will soon be upgrading their Windows 2003 server to Windows 2012.