Computer/Database Systems Analyst


Analyzed, designed and implemented numerous database applications in Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and other programs, both alone and with a team, using SDLC and CASE methodologies. Also served as a management consultant, business systems analyst, computer application specialist, and computer systems and network engineer. Highly skilled in working with managers, analysts, programmers and users to obtain desired results for all parties.

Professional Experience

1991 – Present

I have analyzed, designed and implemented over fifty department-level database applications in all versions of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications. Most of these projects were between 40 and 120 hours each. Most are used in a network environment. Over the years, I have developed methodologies applicable to most projects to ensure consistency and minimize problems. All projects are developed to the satisfaction of my clients; and no project has been abandoned in development or challenged as unsatisfactory by any client.

As an instructor at the University of Phoenix in Tucson, I have reviewed hundreds of relational database designs, and taught database analysis and design at the graduate level to students in CSS540 (File and Database Concepts) and CSS554 (Distributed Database Design).

I was the lead systems analyst for the team that designed and implemented the Emissions Inspection System for Salt Lake County. This very large distributed database project took about a year to develop and implement. It was necessary to integrate design requirements from equipment suppliers, test facilities, Salt Lake County, the federal government, and the prime contractor into a workable system.

I developed and marketed XCF, the Cross-Connection Control Facility, a backflow-prevention database used mostly by cities to install and maintain backflow control devices that prevent municipal water supplies from becoming contaminated. This was implemented with Oracle.

As a technical writer, I have documented numerous projects and written many user’s manuals over the last twenty years. Applying my professional training, I take a common-sense, straight-forward approach to assist the target audience in understanding as much and as quickly as possible of the subject material.

IBM Corporation, Tucson, Arizona

January 1980 to September 1989

Advanced from shipping clerk to professional Staff Systems Analyst using communications, research, and technical skills. Designed, programmed and supported materials applications. Automated inventory control processes. Organized people, procedures, and computers to establish logistical control over five major product lines. Earned about $50,000 in suggestion awards. Experienced using SAS, VM, MVS, JCL, ISPF, REXX, and GML. Learned new systems and programming languages as required. Planned and controlled a $100 million inventory.