Baseball Scorecard


I originally developed this program as a simple way to count pitches, balls, strikes and outs, keeping score on the sidelines of Little League games. After awhile, even the “official” score keeper often turned to me for confirmation. I had fun doing it. So I am publishing this for others to try out.


You can start anywhere in the game if you must … just increment the counters to whereever you are. If you lose track don’t worry about it … just increment the counters and continue. It’s fun and entertaining as well.

You can read the one-page Help in the GAME quadrant (press the HELP button) to get oriented.

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Thank you. Enjoy!


This is a Microsoft Access program, so it will only run on a Windows-based computer such as a PC, laptop or tablet PC. Sorry, it won’t port to an iPad. Most people don’t have Microsoft Access 2010 installed, so download and install the free “run-time” version from one of the links below, for either a 32-bit or 64-bit computer. Almost all Windows XP and previous versions are 32-bit. To find out if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit Vista or later computer, click Start, right-click “Computer” or “My Computer”, click Properties. Look under “System” where it says “System Type.”

Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime Editions

Next, download and extract the Baseball Scorecard program (BBScorecard.accdr), below. If you are in any way concerned this may be a virus you may email me at the address below and I will send you the file instead:

Baseball Scorecard

Then Double-click to open it. Click “Open” if you see a “”Microsoft Access Security Notice”; otherwise the program won’t run.

With the cursor on any field, you will see help text starting at the lower left-hand corner. For more help, click on HELP in the GAME quadrant. The program will always open on the last game. You can use page up and down or the navigation bar at the bottom to switch games. The latest games are displayed first. Experiment and have fun.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me, stephenc at

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